Marketing and Promotion Research

This will not be finished here, it will be completed on the final major website.


Marketing your music is an important thing, but you want it to be as effective and far reaching as possible, so doing research is very important in this matter.


Let’s start off with social media

Social media is a very easy thing to advertise on, usually cheap or free and all it requires is a device that can connect to these websites and you can then write up a post or even make an ad.

First up is Facebook.

Facebook is one of the biggest websites out there, and probably the biggest social media out there too. But it’s not necessarily the best place to advertise. With traditional paid advertisements, it goes by a cost per click system – averaging at about 27 cents per click, not including the cost to bid your ad which, in the end, might not even be accepted (Hootsuite, cited in Mcleod, 2017).

Then there’s post advertisements – all you need is a facebook account, whether it be a personal one or one for your act, and some writing skills. You just type out a post, add any necessary links and then you can post it for people to see. But unfortunately, the most likely audience are those who are following you. Advertising with posts is great for keeping already following fans with you, but it’s not too good getting new fans.

“Facebook is a lot less important as there is no longer an organic reach for pages, meaning you have to pay in order for people to see your posts in their feeds,” (Roe, 2015)

Facebook is probably one of the best places for interaction when it comes to social media, as you can respond directly to any comment made, you can also post photos, videos and audio clips to help promote new material or live events.

But in the end, facebook is losing popularity in certain audiences to other websites, younger people tend to be on Snapchat and Instagram, but some younger folk and most adults seem to be sticking to facebook.

Next up is Instagram.

Instagram has gained a lot of popularity recently, and with this comes a larger audience to advertise to. You can release pictures teasing new albums or tour dates, audio clips showing anything new you’re doing or even videos of some of your work to get people interested in your work.

“Instagram right now has the highest rate of audience discovery, so I would be uploading clips of my tracks or videos to Instagram, as well as photos.” (Roe, 2015)

Instagram is also a good place to interact with your audience, enabling you to reply to comments, but you are unable to make text posts without adding a picture.

Instagram is mostly used by young people and it is used quite often. There are of course a number of adults on Instagram, too.

Twitter (Will come soon)

Snapchat (Will come soon)

Reddit (Will come soon)


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